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  • always-on-fire-for-sara:


    One magical half of @teganandsara stopped by the space today. I’m so into this Lil Canadian! I wish she was President of the world .

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  • mylittlesasa:

    It’s Sara Sunday! Best day of the week.

    (this took a very long time to make so please don’t give me any shit about how there are only few sara faces on that last gif it was a struggle you don’t understand)

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  • quintwinwinning:

    requested by an anonymous lovely person

    Wife goals.

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  • tarttoter:

    its been a while! here’s a practice portrait of sara quin :^)

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  • canadian-scum:

    The titles for Tegan and Sara banter videos are honestly more entertaining than the videos themselves. Like…


    what the fuck?? but then there’s…



    what does that even mean?? and then this one…


    but this is my personal favorite…


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